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 Get Focused, Productive Practices In 5 Minutes with The BRAVR™ Method 
Used by top athletes like Olympic Medalist Courtney Thompson and hundreds of collegiate, high school and club teams, this simple exercise will have your team focused and distraction free for practice in just a few minutes.
  • Simple Practice Tweaks with a step-by-step breakdown of how to start each practice with focus and energy...
  • Super Easy, Super Fast. It takes just a few minutes before practice...
  • Endorsed and used by top coaches and athletes from the Pros, Olympics and College.
  • Great for everyone. Both your athletes and coaches benefit from our 5 minute pre-practice focusing routine.
  • Can be adapted for competition. Once athletes see the benefit they can easily use it for competition focus as well. 

    This is the exact same exercise we use every day with our clients to improve their practices. Download it... It works!
    Lindsey Wilson
    Co-Founder and Pro Basketball player
    Positive Performance Training

    "We incorporated the BRAVR™ this season and it was really a terrific addition! Best season in school history so it definitely didn't hurt. It took some time for them all to get comfortable with it but it became an important tool we used every day and one many of our players credit their increased focus levels to and ability to re-focus."

    Cherise Galasso
    WPI Head Women's Basketball Coach
    Associate AD/SWA
    "I am a swim coach of an age-group swim team in Madison, WI. I found your awesome online tools and website this summer as I was preparing for this season. I started using the BRAVR™ method at the beginning of practice, and in two weeks I've already seen significant improvement in swimmer's focus, excitement, and purpose. Thank you so much!!"
    Best, Brie Taylor
    Swim Coach
    YMCA of Dane County
    "I'm a big fan of your articles, newsletters, seminars, and information. I wanted to email to let you know that I listened in on your seminar last fall and I introduced the breathing technique, BRAVR™ to our team in the Spring and I just wanted to let you know that for the first time in 5 years my team made it to the conference tournament. As you may know with sports I have no idea what it was that got us to the tournament other then that they won games when they needed to, but I want you to know we used the BRAVR™ technique before every game and every practice in season for the first time. Results speak for themselves, but I thought you would like to know how much I appreciate what you've created and how indirectly or directly it affected my team last season. Please keep the valuable information coming, it works!" 
    Maria D Bernardi, 
    Head Coach of the Villanova University Softball Team. 
    "We do the BRAVR™ Exercise before every game and my athletes LOVE It. Because of their increased focus and confidence going into games, we started beating teams we never would have beat before. We even have warm up shirts made that said BE BRAVR™ on the front and all the other teams want to know what it means. I literally can't tell you how much this exercise has helped our team. Thank you for sharing this tool, it's been a game changer for us." 

    -Rick Payne
    Girl’s Basketball Coach

      WHY BRAVR™ ?

      Do you ever wonder...

      What your practices would look like if your athletes were:

      -more focused and motivated for practice? 

      -able to get their mind centered?

      -able to visualize what they want to achieve?

      -able let go of any unproductive thoughts and emotions or stresses?

      -More present for all of practice?

      What would that look like for your program? Would you win more? Would your athletes improve faster? Would you enjoy coaching more? Would there be less stress and a better team culture? 


                                               Finally!....A solution
      In our experience with teams across the country, the most productive and efficient way to improve practices is by getting your athletes in the correct mind state. The best way to do that is with a pre-practice mental warm-up. 

      Don't reinvent the wheel or feel like you have to come up with some elaborate warm up. Join literally hundreds of teams that are using the BRAVR™ to improve their practices. 

      In this BRAVR™ How-To Guide you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to implement this technique, a script to take the guess work out of teaching it to your athletes, and insider tips on exactly how the 5 steps of BRAVR™ can benefit your team. Plus, it's in a handy PDF format you can print off and take into practice. Read below for more implementation tips. 

      Coach’s Tips

      Encourage players to use all five components of the BRAVR™ Method. 

      *Remind them to breathe properly and deeply. 

      *Help them to identify negativities that are holding them back, and to release them out when they exhale. 

      *Remind them to say their positive affirmation every day, out loud! If they have trouble coming up with an affirmation, come up with one together. 

      *Assure they visualize themselves succeeding using all their senses. Go through each sense individually to bring the whole picture together. Can they see the opponents’ uniform colors? Smell the sweat? Hear the sound of sneakers squeaking on the court

      *Come up with a reset word that both describes and inspires them.Learn your players’ reset words and use them to encourage them during practice and during games when you see they are mentally struggling.

      Use the BRAVR™ method on yourself. 

      Coaches require just as much mental training and preparation as any player. Get yourself performing at your best – get focused with positive thinking and proper breathing – and you’ll be better able to pass that confidence along to your athletes. 

      Use the BRAVR™ method as a team. 

      It doesn’t take a lot of time and is so easy it can be done alongside most pre-existing routines, like pre-practice stretching, water breaks, and cool downs. 

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